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“Some of Europe’s finest highland scenery is found in Bulgarian Mountains”
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“Bulgaria offers 7 major mountain ranges within very close proximity. The extensive network of hiking trails, hizhas (chalets) and the experienced mountain rescue service make visits all year round possible.

Snow Shoeing is a popular, non-technical winter sport; however the history of the snowshoe is based around necessity, rather than the pleasurable past-time that it has now become. Without a reliable means of winter transportation through the deep snows, ancient tribesmen were limited to short soirees around their camps. The advent of the snowshoe allowed the tribesmen to participate in long treks, and so allowed for effective winter hunting and transportation. These contraptions, initial manufactured from bent wood and animal skins, gave the hunters manoeuvrability to travel across deep snow, through thickly wooded areas and over steep terrain, all previously inaccessible. Simple in design, the snowshoe effectively distributes the hiker’s mass across a larger area of snow, thus allowing him or her to seemingly “float” on the surface of snow. Today’s modern snowshoe has changed very little in design from its ancient prototype.
Snowshoes can help us get comfortably under the skin of Winter Mountains.”
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The principles of snow shoeing are easy to learn with full instruction provided by our guides. Basically if you can walk you can snowshoe!

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