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Life is an adventure, life is sailing …
and sailing is Freedom!

Sailing is an outdoor adventure, the discovery of new places, people, emotions. And all at a good speed, neither too fast, nor too slow, just like the great explorers of old times were made.
We are free to decide where to go and how much time to spend there depending how the mood takes us – on a deserted island, at a busy port or a tavern on the shore.
Sailing can make for a very active holiday – working with the sails, pulling ropes, fighting the waves, but it can also provide the opportunity for leisurely meditation with the whisper of the sea and the breeze.
If you are together with a loved one then you’ll appreciate the romantic atmosphere – warm nights on the deck full of stars, swimming with dolphins or staying at anchor in a remote bay.
Sailing gives us a sense of freedom and eternity, touched by the wind, sun and sparkling water…

We can offer you a skippered charter with our comfortable 45ft sailing yacht. We sail mostly in Greek waters, among the hundreds of Greek islands, surrounded by ancient history, mountains and crystal clear turquoise waters.