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Religious Tours

Magnificent architectural ensembles, ancient icons and superb woodcuts, breathtaking murals – this is just a part of the religious, historic and cultural wealth travelers can discover on their journey in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian monasteries possess human, warm and living beauty hidden behind the austere stone facades. As the principle centres of education and art, the Bulgarian Orthodox monasteries proved to be vitally necessary for the preservation of the Bulgarian national spirit, culture, and artistic expression. During the long Ottoman occupation, the Orthodox Church provided crucial support for the national and cultural resistance, guarding the memories of Bulgaria’s glorious past. More than 150 monasteries are still well preserved. Behind the austere stone walls of the places of worship in Bulgarian you will find warm atmosphere and will be impressed by the magnificent frescoes, the intricate woodcarvings and the authentic icon collections.

Rila Monastery, which is on the UNESO world natural and cultural list, is the best-known and most visited monastery in Bulgaria.