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“Bulgaria is a paradise for ornithologists. It is simply great for bird watching, being a nesting ground for many European species in spring (May-June) and on the migratory path of a great number of Asian ones in autumn (September – mid October). Although not a large country, Bulgaria has a significant diversity of birds, totalling 383 species in all. That’s about 75% of all kind of birds found in Europe, no doubt helped by the varied climate, topography and relatively small human population. There is plenty to see at any time, owing to the variety of ecological niches and the fact that farmers use less pesticides and insecticides than in the Western Europe. Though birdlife can be seen anywhere, the richest concentrations are in Rodopi Mountains, along the Black Sea coast and the floodplain of the river Danube.

Bird lovers could admire plenty of options to observe birds and would be bowled over!”

The Rough Guide